2020 Workshops

Joint NHERI@UC San Diego - RAPID Researcher Workshop 2020
December 14-15, 2020


Presentation Slides Day One

Introduction to the Natural Hazards Reconnaissance (RAPID) Facility
Joe Wartman, Director

Joint NHERI@UC San Diego – RAPID Researcher Workshop
Dr. Joel P. Conte

Jupyter Notebooks for Data Workflow at NHERI@UCSD
Gilberto Mosqueda, Professor Sydney Huynh, Graduate Student

Preparing an NSF Proposal to Utilize NHERI @ UC San Diego
Tara Hutchinson, Professor, University of California, San Diego

Supporting Your Natural Hazards Research
Tim Cockerill, PhD

Writing Proposals for and Using the RAPID Facility
Jeffrey Berman, Operations Director

Presentation Slides Day Two

NHERI@UCSD New Capabilities/Technologies: Hybrid Simulation and ECO
Gilberto Mosqueda Professor, UC San Diego

Example Uses of RAPID-Like Tools In Large-Scale Experimental Programs
Koorosh Lotfizadeh, UC San Diego

Design of a Shared- Use Modular Testbed Building (MTB2)
Tara Hutchinson, Chris Pantelides, Gilberto Mosqueda1, Michael Morano1 & Junwei Liu

Data collection for post-Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) fire investigation
Erica C. Fischer, PhD, PE, Oregon State University; Sara Hamideh, PhD, Stony Brook University; Hussam Mahmoud, PhD, Colorado State University

Japan-U.S. Collaboration on the Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structures

RAPID Applications for Large-Scale Experiments
Jeffrey Berman, Operations Director

Joint Academia-Industry NHERI@UC San Diego Workshop
September 21-22, 2020


Presentation Slides & Videos

Joint Academia-Industry NHERI@UC San Diego Workshop Introduction
Dr. Joel P. Conte
Video | Slides

Highlights of Recent Projects
José I. Restrepo, Professor of Structural Engineering, UC San Diego
Video | Slides

Highlights of Recent Projects: Contributions to Understanding Cold-Formed Steel- Framed Systems Response
Tara Hutchinson, UC San Diego
Video | Slides

Consideration and Planning Strategies for Whole Building Testing at NHERI@UCSD
John W. van de Lindt, Colorado State University
Video | Slides

Geo-Structures: Earthquake Engineering Resilience
Sissy Nikolaou, WSP
Video | Slides

Bridge Engineering: State of Practice and Potential Research Needs
Anthony V. Sánchez, PhD, PE
Video | Slides

Lifeline Systems
Craig A. Davis, C A Davis Engineering, Los Angeles Department and Water & Power (retired)
Video | Slides

Project Preplanning and Technology Transfer
Bill Holmes, SE, NAE, NHERI NCO
Video | Slides