Principal Investigator: Dr. Joel P. Conte

Overall responsibility and oversight for the site administration and governance activities. Provides leadership and vision for operational matters, fiscal and user recharge fees oversight, personnel oversight, responsible for all reporting, and provides technical expertise. Works closely with UC San Diego and NHERI administration and to ensure that day-to-day operations are aligned with the mission and goals of the institution and the NHERI community.

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Jose Restrepo

Manages the Site Performance. Responsible to ensure all testing equipment, IT equipment, telepresence and instrumentation are up-to-date, maintained at optimum, performance, and calibrated regularly. Is responsible Provides technical expertise on experimental techniques, software, and services required for experimentation. He also oversees facility maintenance.

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Machel Morrison

Manages Site Operations. Responsible to ensure tests are executed as planned, all equipment is in good operating condition, and throughput is maximized. Oversees specimen handling, transport, construction, staging, demolition, training of technical staff, and data and schedule management. Ensures safe operations (EH&S Compliant) and provide technical shake table testing expertise.

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. John McCartney

Manages Site User Services. Responsible to document equipment capabilities, recruit and broaden the user base, oversee the training of users on the process for proposal writing, specimen construction, testing, specimen removal/demolition, and data processing, and provide technicals shake table testing expertise.

Co-Principal Investigator: Dr. Lelli Van Den Einde

Manages the Education & Community Outreach activities at the facility. Responsible to manage the REU program, develop materials and organize workshops, disseminate research results to various stakeholders (in collaboration with Jacobs School Media relations), and promote engineering education and professional development of students. Will provide support for the development of promotional and educational project videos. Responsible for tours/visits of the facility, overseeing the Seismic Outreach Ambassador program, maintining necessary IRB paperwork, and establishing and monitoring metrics for site assessment & evaluation.

Project Scientist & Site Operations Manager: Dr. Koorosh Lotfizadeh

The Site Operations Manager oversees day-to-day operations of the facility in areas such as general site maintenance, administrative tasks, and is responsible for budget and schedule oversight and submission of NHERI required reports. The SOM takes a pro-active role in and expanding the user base for the facility, and overseeing projects. He is responsible for data acquisition and shake table operation.

Research & Development Engineer: Abdullah Hamid

Is responsible for supporting the responsibilities of the PI and managing the site technicians. He also provides lab support for equipment maintenance and calibration, scheduling of experiments and resource allocation, and shake table operation.


IT Manager: Robert Beckley

The IT Manager is responsible for the IT infrastructure at the facility, which includes network administration and systems support, administering and maintaining site cybersecurity, instrumentation calibration and maintenance, telepresence, and data management.

Site Foreman & Safety Officer: Alex Sherman

The Site Foreman is a Development Technician responsible for helping execute tests as planned, keeping the equipment in good operating condition and ensuring safe operations of the equipment and facility.

Development Technician: Jeremy Fitcher

The Development Technician is responsible for overseeing tools and machine shop, maintaining and operating the heavy equipment, attending regular safety meetings/ensuring compliance with OSHA safety procedures, and working with project PI’s and graduate students in support of their projects.